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Issue 375 Christophorus

Porsche - Editorial


A woman. A blue sky. Mountains. A tree in a mantle of white. Ski poles propped against its trunk. Wearing a sweater in black, red, and gold, the woman bends to tie her shoelaces. Behind her, a Porsche 356 A painted in matte silver is parked on a thin layer of snow. This cover image graced the first issue of Christophorus magazine, back in July of 1952. A cover from a picture-perfect world. Joy, style, and pleasure—in perfect harmony.

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Porsche - Article overview

Article overview

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Porsche - Lights that sing (from May 9 on)

Lights that sing (from May 9 on)

A gleaming Panamera wrapped in chrome chauffeurs the blues songstress through the home of her dreams—an adventure of scintillating sound and color through the Las Vegas night and into the morning. From the rear of the car in chrome, Kayy Nova bursts into song, with a voice as powerful and smooth as the engine of the Panamera.

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