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Issue 378 Christophorus

Porsche - Editorial


Tom Cruise declined. Mariah Carey demurred. But it was easier with Mark Zuckerberg. And with Barack Obama. They agreed. As did Clint Eastwood and Ang Lee. And Angela Merkel. And Bill Clinton. George Clooney was up for anything. Rip into an old photo and affix the nose and eyes to his face with a rubber band, like a mask. Press the shutter. Presto. Pure irony. The shot that was seen around the world.

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Porsche - Night Flight (from December 7 on)

Night Flight (from December 7 on)

Contrasts in harmony. The new Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid combines extremes in a highly elegant fashion. The athletic verve with which it masters the corners of the Nordschleife is matched by the sublime comfort it provides on the autobahn.

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