Porsche Panamera Arrives in Oman

Unique launch reveals four-door style in fitting surroundings

Customers of Porsche Centre Oman witnessed the first appearance of the long-awaited Porsche Panamera in Muscat. Its unveiling has heralded the arrival of one of the most anticipated models in performance motoring history.

During the car reveal which took place at the Shangri-la Hotel, guests were treated to a memorable audio visual tour of a vehicle that has set out to reshape the boundaries of performance motoring. Paul Varley, Sales Manager, said ‚"This car has been eagerly awaited with customers enquiring about the car for a long time now. Even before the car was launched we have managed to build up a strong order bank, which we believe will only grow even more after you have had the opportunity to experience the car"

Over 500 guests enjoyed a red carpet treatment,designer Panamera cocktails and a 4 course meal. All of our special Guests were amazed at the theatre of the reveal with the lights dimmed and music building up to a dramatic crescendo as 2 Panameras drove onto the stage while 3 more cars were unveiled nearby. The evening provided all guests and Porsche staff the opportunity to mingle and to share in on the excitement of the much anticipated Porsche Panamera.