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Charging options
Where can I charge my Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, Panamera E-Hybrid or Taycan?

Your Porsche can be conveniently charged in various everyday situations. You can purchase Porsche charging equipment for use at home or use charging stations at your authorized Porsche dealer as well as semi-public and public charging points, with the Porsche Charging Service or Porsche Destination Charging.

Home charging
Which charging equipment does Porsche offer for charging my vehicle at home and where can I purchase it?

Porsche offers various home charging equipment such as the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect and the Porsche Home Energy Manager. You can purchase this via the established sales channels, for example, from your Porsche partner.

Are there any legal conditions that must be observed for the installation of home charging equipment?

The installation of home charging equipment may be classified as a structural change. Before installation, we therefore recommend coordination with all involved parties such as your energy provider, your municipal authority, the tenants community and, if applicable, your landlord.

Why do I need the Porsche Home Energy Manager?

The Porsche Home Energy Manager monitors the energy and power consumption in your home and thus enables the use of smart-charging functions. This involves automatically charging your vehicle as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Smart charging works through intelligent monitoring of your electricity rates (if available), your installed Solar Panels and other energy consumers in order to prevent overloading of your electrical circuit. (Available mid-2020 at earliest)

What is the difference between the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect and the Porsche Mobile Charger?

The Porsche Mobile Charger and the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect are both chargers for vehicles with high-voltage batteries, intended for the use of the infrastructure in your home. Additional functionality above for the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is a convenient touch display and communication with the optional Porsche Home Energy Manager, it supports smart charging applications and provides overload protection for your Home’s power supply.

Charging takes longer than expected. Is there a fault?

The charging duration depends on the charging current available at the charging point. The higher the charging current, the faster your Porsche is charged. In addition, the charging duration depends on the on-board charger of your Porsche and other conditions such as ambient temperature.

Public charging
What advantages are provided by the Porsche Charging Service when charging at public charging points?

Following one-time registration with the Porsche Charging Service, you can charge your Porsche at all available charging points. These include Porsche charging points as well as those of other providers such as Electrify America. Without the Porsche Charging Service, you will have to have to register and create accounts via each individual charge point provider.

How can I charge at public charging points?

You can charge your Taycan at any public charger that offers either a J1772 or CCS Combo connection. If you wish to charge your Porsche at a public charging point via Porsche Charging Services, you must activate your Porsche Charging Service Account using a smartphone or an RFID card. Then simply plug the charging cable into to your Porsche. Charging normally starts automatically. Further information can be found at the relevant charging point.

Can a passer-by pull out the plug while I am charging at a public charging point?

No. Once inserted in the vehicle charge port, the charging plug is automatically detected by the vehicle and locked in your Porsche. The cable is locked in place. To disconnect, simply press the button next to the vehicle-side socket to release.

How can I ensure that my Porsche is not completely discharged?

Many options are available for charging your Porsche on a daily basis; at rest areas, when shopping, or even possibly at work. In the case of a low battery charge state, your Porsche can also suggest navigating to a nearby charging station.

Must I always fully charge my Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, Panamera E-Hybrid or Taycan to 100%?

No. You do not always have to fully charge the high-voltage battery of your Porsche. Partial charging of your Porsche is the optimal way to charge your vehicle because it lowers the effects of capacity loss (memory effect) and does not reduce the service life of the high-voltage battery. For the Taycan, these settings can be adjusted inside the vehicle.

What does the range of my Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, Panamera E-Hybrid or Taycan depend on?

The range is influenced by various factors such as driving style, comfort functions, aerodynamics, road conditions, and environmental factors. The most important factor is your driving style. An environmentally aware and predictive driving style promotes the recuperation of braking energy and therefore increases the range. You can also reduce the intensity of comfort functions such as air conditioning and heating and only mount add-on parts that influence aerodynamics (e.g. roof boxes) when needed.

What must I observe when driving abroad?

Country-specific regulations and approvals may restrict the use of the charging equipment abroad. Find out via the Driver's Manual and from your Porsche partner whether your equipment is suitable for the country or if you require additional equipment.

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