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Porsche and Youth Outreach

Porsche Cars North America’s promotion of education for children, young people and students focuses not only on kindling the enthusiasm of these groups for mathematics, engineering sciences, natural sciences and technology, but also on strengthening and supporting those from poorer backgrounds, in the spirit of equal opportunities. The aim of Porsche is not only to train potential new employees for its own company, but also to generally ensure there are new employees who can take on tasks that serve the interests of society as a whole.

Furthermore, PCNA will strive to significantly expand cooperation with universities in the field of education and science – with the aim of winning qualified new employees for the future, and of making findings with practical relevance for its own product developments.

Another larger project concerning road safety education for children is planned to be implemented at the upcoming Porsche Experience Centers in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia.

Gator Motorsports Formula SAE at the University of FloridaThe student FSAE team at UF is designing, manufacturing, and presenting a small, lightweight race car to compete against hundreds of other university teams worldwide annually. Cal Poly Motor Car Association at Cal Poly San Luis ObispoThe student car club at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is restoring a 1977 Porsche 911 S Targa powered by electricity - combining a passion for sports cars with environmental responsibility. Team Shift of F1 in SchoolsFour high school students use CAD/CAM software to collaborate, design, analyze, manufacture, test, and race miniature gas powered balsa wood F1 cars against teams from around the world. University Courses at Michigan State UniversityPorsche is partnering with Michigan State in an automotive research study that challenges students to apply their learning to a real-world topic and discover innovative solutions.