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Porsche intensified – entering a new digital age with the Macan Sports car manufacturer improves online presence

Stuttgart . Porsche is breaking into a new market segment with the Macan compact SUV. The sports car manufacturer is taking an unusual approach with the market launch campaign for the vehicle, too. The campaign revolves around an innovative yet comprehensive online platform that allows various social media channels in particular to be used to interact with interested users. Porsche AG is also using this campaign to revise its entire online presence, for which the company is essentially a leading player in the industry*. By opting for a complete, responsive design, Porsche AG is once again setting benchmarks for the industry as well as guaranteeing a uniform experience across all end devices.

Porsche intensified – this is how Porsche itself describes the essence of the new Macan, focusing on two aspects: the intensive driving experience and the intensive lifestyle of a new target group. This group is still considered a typically Porsche audience, but it tends to be slightly younger and more cosmopolitan than the current clientèle. Nevertheless: Just as the Macan features the typical Porsche DNA, the campaign via social media channels, with its exclusive Porsche tone, leaves no doubt about what makes the Porsche brand unmistakeable as the manufacturer of the “sportiest vehicle in its segment”.

Personal networks as multipliers
Before the global market launch of the Macan in the spring is accompanied by displays and TV advertising, the public will experience the Macan predominantly via the Internet. The Macan microsite forms the interface for interested parties, combining information about the vehicle with the social media content created by users. Users log in via their personal accounts with Facebook, Google+ or Weibo and follow the activities of members of their personal networks connected with the Macan, giving the user a completely personal view of the latest Porsche.

The online campaign is being implemented in multiple stages. At present, users receive background information and technical details about the Macan twice each week. A direct marketing campaign that comprises five steps is being run in parallel. The content of this campaign is increasingly tailored to the respective recipient, the final result being that a customized, printed catalogue is sent to the potential buyer, showing every detail of the Macan that the interested party has already configured online.

The innovative approach behind the online campaign is also underlined by the Macan corners in the Porsche Centres. Here, potential buyers can find out more about the Macan before the market launch in Germany in April 2014 using an “augmented reality app”, which gives users a virtual yet incredibly realistic experience. Dr. Kjell Gruner, Vice President at Porsche, says: “In launching the new Macan onto the market, we want to reach new target groups defined by the digital age. That is why extending the brand experience into the virtual world is a core objective for us.”

A uniform experience: The new Porsche website
The online activities for launching the Macan go hand-in-hand with the relaunch of the entire Porsche online presence. Porsche has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the user interface remains identical regardless of the device used. “For us, ensuring a consistent, highly emotive user experience on all end devices is the key to achieving a uniform, digital brand presence”, says Robert Ader, Director Marketing and Communication.

The new presence also showcases all the elements that have led to Porsche receiving the best ratings in the industry for its website in independent comparisons in years gone by – the comparisons conducted by the US market research institute J.D. Power and Associates for instance: the simple navigation layout, a clear and modern appearance, extensive additional information and features, model pages tailored to the needs of the user, as well as an effective dealer search function.

* First place in the MWES index (quality of content, navigation, appearance and data transfer speed) in the J.D. Power Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study, 2013



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