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Porsche - Philosophy & History

Philosophy & History


Porsche - Individuality


A Porsche as individual as your own fingerprint. This is the promise delivered by Porsche Exclusive. With an extensive range of colors and luxurious materials, such as leather, Alcantara, wood, carbon and aluminum, you have as many personal design options available as there are desires associated with a Porsche. The Porsche Exclusive personalization range is the perfect expression of your personal freedom and individual lifestyle.

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Porsche - Craftsmanship


It takes time to craft something truly exceptional. It requires patience, concentration and commitment. It needs dedication and the hands, heart and soul of a skilled person as true value does not originate solely from the work of machines. Special things can only be created if people, masters of their craft, use their hands and their expertise, their ideas and their personality. This is and always has been the way Porsche works – and so it will continue.

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Porsche - Passion for details

Passion for details

Each Porsche is something truly special. For one simple reason: you can sense the passion of each individual employee, right down to the last detail. This passion is the reason why the exceptional is created time and time again. The result? Vehicles full of personality and character.
This brings us to the most important thing: we take the time that is required. And this can be seen, felt and experienced in every single Porsche.

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Porsche - Tradition


Customized vehicles are a tradition at Porsche. Our wealth of experience goes back a long way. From the outset, we made it our goal to bring the customization wishes of customers to life. Starting with implementation of the very first special requests for the Porsche 356 to this day, we have been producing unique models and limited production runs under the motto 'Individuality straight from the factory'. Until 1986, this was referred to as the "Sonderwunschprogramm" (Special Wishes Programme). It was then renamed Porsche Exclusive. The philosophy has remained unchanged.

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The dream of a unique Sports Car

Porsche Philosophy & History - The early days

The early days

“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.”
Prof. Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferry Porsche

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1950

Around 1950

In the early fifties, dreams were already coming true in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen. This 356 was covered in fake fur.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1952

Around 1952

A Porsche 356 Cabriolet with a ski rack.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1954

Around 1954

The customized Porsche 356 "bent window".

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1957

Around 1957

The Porsche 356 A Carrera with individually adapted "Sebring" exhaust system.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1960


The Porsche 356 B "Karman Hardtop" with two-tone color to sample paintwork.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1968


A Porsche 911 S 2.0 as a special customer order for the "London-Sydney" rally.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1973


15 identical 911 Carrera RS 3.0 vehicles, which were created for the "International Race of Champions" (IROC) series.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1975


Conductor Herbert von Karajan's Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 was unique in featuring the lightweight body of the Carrera RS with "Martini stripes" and large Turbo logos.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1975


Interior of a 911 Turbo 3.0 with special equipment.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1978


From 1978 onwards, the "Sonderwunsch" (special wishes) department became responsible for modifications and conversions to standard-production vehicles.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1986


In 1986, Porsche was the first car manufacturer to set up a department specializing in vehicle customization: Porsche Exclusive.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1987

Around 1987

This 911 Turbo 3.3 "Slant Nose" Cabriolet was built for an American female tennis player.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1989


In 1989, seven Porsche 959 vehicles were built for a Sheik, which have remained unique to this day.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1990

Around 1990

Craftsmanship: leather-covered air vent slats, buttons and car radio.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1990

Around 1990

Work of art on four wheels: This 911 Turbo is a highlight in the history of Porsche Exclusive.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1990

Around 1990

Interior of 911 with embossed Clubsport steering wheel and car telephone.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1993

Around 1993

The 911 "America Roadster GS" was created as a one-off for a collector in the US.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Around 1995

Around 1995

The unique 911 Turbo Cabriolet (996) of the designer Carlo Rampazzi.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1998


A Porsche Exclusive color concept for the 911 Turbo (993).

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1998


A Porsche Boxster with interior in carbon.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1999


Leather interior in the national colors of Oman.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2000


A Porsche 911 Carrera with "Aerokit Cup" and SportDesign rims.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2003


A Porsche 911 Carrera with the Exclusive "Aerokit Cup".

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2005


A Porsche 911 Carrera S (997) with painted wheel spokes.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2007


The Porsche 911 Carrera S in Estoril Blue Metallic with "Aerokit Cup".

Porsche Philosophy & History - Today


Porsche Exclusive offers a comprehensive range for vehicle personalisation. The options for personalising your Porsche and transforming it into a unique vehicle are virtually limitless.

Porsche Philosophy & History - Our vision.

Our vision.

"The last car ever built will be a Sports Car."
Prof. Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferry Porsche

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1983


935 Street: As a one-off in 1983, Porsche built a street-legal version of the type 935 racing car. The combination of power and luxury made the 935 Street unique in its time.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1992 to 1993

1992 to 1993

911 Turbo S Lightweight: In 1992 and 1993, the 911 Turbo S Lightweight was the highlight of the Porsche model range. Thanks to an uncompromising weight-saving construction, all 86 exclusive models produced delivered extraordinary performance.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1993


911 Carrera 2 Speedster Turbolook: In 1993, Porsche realized an exclusive customer dream: 15 cars of the then brand-new 911 Carrera 2 Speedster were given the prestigious Turbolook by Porsche Exclusive. The brake system of the 911 Turbo was also available as an option.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1993 to 1994

1993 to 1994

911 Turbo Slant Nose: A standout feature of the type 964 series, the 911 Turbo Coupé was available in slant nose design. The makeover was limited to 76 models and, in addition to other style modifications, many of these were given an uprated Turbo engine.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1995


911 Turbo Cabriolet: A Porsche Exclusive special for sun-loving and power-hungry customers, the 911 Turbo was produced in Cabriolet form in 1995 available to just 14 customers.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1995 to 2000

1995 to 2000

911 Carrera Speedster: One of the rarest Porsche cars ever, the 911 Carrera Speedster was based on the 911 (type 993) model series. Only two were made in 1995 and 2000.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 1997 to 1998

1997 to 1998

911 Turbo S: With the 911 Turbo S manufactured from 1997 to 1998, the Porsche Exclusive small-scale production reached its high point but also its climax for the time being. The 993 Turbo S, of which a total of 345 cars were built, was the only model in the series to achieve a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2009 to 2010

2009 to 2010

911 Sport Classic: This small-scale production run limitied to 250 cars from 2009 to 2010 blended the traditional with the modern to create a typical Porsche work of art: the 911 Sport Classic with double-dome roof, ‘ducktail’ and 19-inch Sport Classic wheels with the traditional styling of Fuchs wheels.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2010 to 2011

2010 to 2011

911 Speedster: Produced in a limited quantity of 356 from 2010 to 2011, the 911 Speedster not only impressed with its handcrafted, personalized interior, it distinguished itself visually from all other members of the 911 family thanks to its shorter windscreen frame, rear apron with side air outlets and dynamically styled Speedster hood compartment lid with two muscular haunches.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2012


911 Club Coupe: The first two Porsche Clubs comprised 13 members. That was 60 years ago. Since then, their number has grown to 651 globally recognized Porsche Clubs with around 186,000 members. A unique sports car was created in 2012 to honor the first club charters: the 911 Club Coupe. – with a strictly limited edition of just 13 cars.

Porsche Philosophy & History - 2014 to 2015

2014 to 2015

Panamera Exclusive Series: Based on the Panamera Turbo S Executive the Panamera Exclusive Series, limited to 100 cars, was created at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in 2014 and 2015. Highlights: leather interior in Poltrona Frau, a unique blended paint finish, a limited edition badge and the new Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment Plus system.