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Porsche Communication Management (PCM) 911 Carrera 4S

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is fitted as standard for the 911 models. Powerful, multifunctional and easy to use, PCM is your control centre for audio, navigation and communication functions.

The main feature is the intuitive 7-inch high-resolution color touchscreen. Alternatively, you can choose to operate PCM using conventional rotary pushbutton controls. With a maximum of five list items per page, the screen display is very clearly presented. A useful help function is displayed at the foot of the screen.

Radio functions include up to 42 memory presets and an FM twin tuner frequency diversity with RDS, which continuously scans in the background for the best signal, and a dynamic autostore.

The DVD-audio drive plays CDs and audio DVDs and is MP3-compatible. Audio playback of video DVDs is also supported. A six-disc CD/DVD autochanger integrated into PCM is available as an option.

The universal audio interface (USB) in the glove compartment enables you to connect your iPod® or any audio source. Recharging is also supported. Once connected, your iPod® or USB stick is then conveniently and safely operated via the PCM, the optional multifunction steering wheel or the optional voice control system.

You can download the performance display data from the Sport Chrono Package and data from the electronic logbook via the USB port. You can also transfer up to 5,000 tracks (40 GB) in MP3 format to the internal hard drive (or Jukebox) of PCM and play them from there. Podcasts and audiobooks are recognised and played and cover art is displayed.

The navigation module in PCM features a high-speed hard drive and allows you to choose between a 2D display and a 3D perspective. In some regions, it is possible to display the terrain (with an overlaid satellite map) and buildings in 3D. Split screen mode enables you to view two functions at once, such as the current navigation map and a list of symbols that represent the next driving manoeuvre.

The navigation module also has a dynamic route guidance function which takes into account official traffic messages (TMC) and additional traffic flow sensors (TMC Pro).*

Digital radio

The standard digital radio enables you to receive digitally broadcast radio stations and features a DAB twin tuner. It automatically switches between digital and analogue to ensure optimum reception of the selected station.

Voice control system

If you require route guidance, need to make a phone call or want to listen to the radio, then why not just say so? Almost all of the functions of PCM can be controlled using the optional voice control system with word-by-word input. In the majority of cases, you can simply say the name of the menu item as seen on the screen. The voice control system understands complete addresses when entered as navigation destinations, as well as phonebook entries and the names of radio stations. Even lists can be browsed by voice command. For added convenience, there is no need to ‘train’ the system.

Electronic logbook

An electronic logbook is available for PCM as an option. It enables automatic logging on every journey of mileage, route distance, date, time, starting location and destination. Data can be downloaded to a USB stick and evaluated on your home PC using the software supplied. The software fulfils all statutory requirements for automatic logbooks as specified by the German revenue authorities.

Speed limit indicator

The speed limit indicator informs the driver about speed restrictions and the start and end of no overtaking zones. The information is recorded using a camera and is shown on the color TFT display in the instrument cluster or via the PCM screen. If a traffic sign is missed – for example due to heavy rain or darkness – the speed limit stored in the navigation module is automatically displayed. The function allows the driver to concentrate more fully on the road ahead.

TV tuner

The optional TV tuner is capable of receiving unencrypted analogue and digital television broadcasts (DVB-T)** to provide entertainment between journeys. For your safety, the TV picture is switched off while the car is in motion.

More information on compatibility of Bluetooth® mobile phones and pairing instructions.

* TMC Pro is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

** In MPEG-2 format.


Efficiency-enhancing measures


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Engineered design

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Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

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