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Chassis 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 - Chassis


The chassis of the new 911 GT3 has been engineered to meet the challenging demands of motorsport – and for this reason it also provides extremely sporty day-to-day driving. The ride height of the new 911 GT3 is 30 mm lower than that of the 911 Carrera. In conjunction with a series of specifically tuned chassis components, this offers extraordinary agility, a high degree of driving safety and stable handling, particularly in corners.

The independent front suspension combines McPherson-type struts with longitudinal and transverse links. The rear axle has a multi-link suspension, following the LSA (Lightweight, Stable, Agile) concept. Height, camber, toe and the anti-roll bars can be individually adapted for use on the racetrack. Additional ball joints on the front and rear axles help to establish a particularly firm connection between the chassis and the body.

An optional lift system at the front axle raises the front end by 30 mm. Operable up to a speed of approximately 31 mph, it minimizes the risk of grounding on curbs, ramps and parking garage entrances.