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Seats 911 GT3

Porsche - Seats
Left: Sports seat Plus; Right: Adaptive sports seat Plus


Sport seats Plus

Sport seats Plus are fitted as standard in the new 911 GT3 and come equipped with elevated side bolsters, electric seat height and backrest adjustment and manual fore/aft adjustment. The seat side bolsters are upholstered in leather and the seat centers are lined in black Alcantara (R). The headrests are embroidered with the ‘GT3’ logo.

The side bolsters on the seat cushion and backrest have a firm, sporty padding and offer excellent lateral support. The backrest shell is finished in Silver Grey.

Adaptive Sport seats Plus

Available on request, adaptive Sport seats Plus blend sport with comfort and are suitable for everyday driving or the racetrack. They feature side bolsters in leather, seat centers in black Alcantara (R) and an embroidered ‘GT3’ logo on the headrests. Offering 18-way electric adjustment, the seats can be optimally adapted to meet your needs in terms of seat height, cushion and backrest angle, seat depth, fore/aft adjustment and four-way lumbar support. The side bolsters on the seat surface and backrest can be individually adjusted for precision lateral support on winding roads and added comfort on long journeys.