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Sport Chrono package including Porsche Track Precision app and lap trigger preparation 911 GT3

Porsche - Sport Chrono Paket

Sport Chrono package including Porsche Track Precision app and lap trigger preparation

Precision instrument at the limits: the optional Sport Chrono package. This package includes a stopwatch on the switch panel and the newly developed Porsche Track Precision app for your smartphone.

Times are measured precisely to a hundredth of a second and are displayed on the Sport Chrono clock and on the instrument cluster. The stopwatch is operated by means of the control stalk for the on-board computer.

In conjunction with PCM, the Sport Chrono Package functionality is extended by display, storage and evaluation of measured lap times as well as the performance display in the PCM.

The newly developed Porsche Track Precision app additionally allows lap times to be measured via GPS and a host of driving data (such as speed, steering angle, braking and acceleration behavior, gear indication as well as engine speed) to be recorded and managed on a smartphone. This data can then also be shared and compared with other drivers.

When driving on a race circuit, the driving dynamics are visualized on the smartphone, and the lap time differences compared with a reference lap are displayed in addition to sector and lap times. The app uses highly-precise vehicle data from a control unit in the vehicle.

Graphic analyses of the driving data as well as video analysis help the driver to further improve his driving performance. Lap after lap. Always a step closer to the driving limits.

The lap trigger available through Porsche Tequipment allows even more precise measurement of the lap times. This can be positioned next to the start and finish line on the circuit and automatically measures and transmits the lap times.

Porsche Track Precision App


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Porsche Track Precision App FAQs

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