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Roof Construction 911 Targa 4S

Porsche 911 Targa 4S - Roof Construction

Roof Construction

With the new 911 Targa, our solution is a concept which our engineers call ‘a fully automatic roof system with innovative kinematics’. Though its description may sound a little cumbersome, the roof system itself is anything but. Based on a complex and extremely robust engineering solution, the new system allows the roof to be opened and closed fully automatically in a mere 20 seconds when the vehicle is stationary. When opened, the roof is stowed away elegantly and neatly behind the rear seats.

The materials used for the roof are just as pioneering as the roof concept itself. Two flat magnesium elements keep the fabric roof taut, maintaining that unmistakable 911 silhouette. The heated rear window is manufactured from weight-optimised laminated safety glass. Together with the noise-insulating roof liner, it ensures that road noise is kept to a minimum when the roof is closed.

A wind deflector is integrated into the cowl panel frame. When the roof is open, it perceptibly enhances driving comfort by protecting against draughts and reducing wind noise.

The steel Targa bar provides increased body rigidity, helping to keep all four tires firmly on the ground, and increased structural support in the event of a rollover. The design of the bar invokes the classic shape of the orginial Targa, as do styling details such as the side fins, The Aluminum Look surface, and the "targa" logo.

The result is an open-top sports car with the feel and comfort of a 911 Coupe. Sculpture perhaps? Yes, certainly. But a moving one in every sense of the word.