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Engineered body design 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet - Engineered body design

Engineered body design

The innovative bodyshell of the 911 Turbo models fulfils two structural design requirements: first, excellent driving dynamics due to the body’s extremely high rigidity. Second, a saving in vehicle weight primarily as a result of the intelligent lightweight construction.

To meet the second requirement, we employed state-of-the-art techniques for combining various materials in order to utilize specific material properties exactly where they are needed.

For the bodyshell, therefore, we used very thin, but nevertheless extremely rigid, sheets of steel. Aluminum and magnesium were utilized extensively in areas such as the roof, underbody, doors, engine compartment and luggage compartment lids. Magnesium, which is a particularly lightweight material, was also selected for the cockpit and center console support beam. Such material efficiency is key to reducing the overall weight and, as a result, fuel consumption of the vehicle.

For the driver, this reduces the weight of the vehicle and offers a high level of comfort thanks to excellent vibration damping characteristics and particularly high composite rigidity, an increase in dynamic torsional stiffness of up to 25 % compared with that of the previous generation, and even sportier handling despite a further improvement in the weight-to-power ratio.