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BOSE® Surround Sound System Cayenne GTS

Porsche Cayenne GTS - BOSE® Surround Sound System

BOSE® Surround Sound System

Providing a compelling 360-degree soundstage, the BOSE® Surround Sound System is compatible with both Porsche Communication Management (PCM) and the CDR-31 audio system, it features a total of 14 loudspeakers (including active subwoofer and centre-fill speaker) that combine with a 585-watt 9-channel amplifier to produce a powerful sound experience.

In combination with Porsche Communication Management (PCM), the BOSE® Surround Sound System enables playback of audio DVDs, making full use of the impressive sound spectrum of 5.1 digital recordings. Of course, you can still play other audio sources such as CDs and MP3s. In stereo or, at the push of a button, in one of the virtual surround modes generated by BOSE® Centerpoint® 2 technology.

The BOSE®-patented AudioPilot® noise compensation technology uses a microphone in the cockpit to monitor ambient sound. The system is then able to provide real-time adjustment of all audio output – for a more consistent aural experience.

Standard on the Cayenne Turbo. Optional for all other Cayenne models.