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Cruise control Cayenne S Hybrid

Porsche - Cruise control

Cruise control

Cruise control

Cruise control automatically regulates the speed of your vehicle for added driver comfort on longer journeys. It can be used at speeds between 20 mph or more and is operated using a button on one of the control stalks.

Standard on all Cayenne models.

Adaptive cruise control with Porsche Active Safe (PAS)*

Optional on all Cayenne models, adaptive cruise control regulates the speed of your vehicle in line with that of the vehicle in front. To do that, the system uses a radar sensor in the central air intake to monitor the road up to 650 feet ahead.

If you approach another vehicle that is travelling slower than your selected cruising speed, the system slows the engine or gently applies the brakes. This continues until the distance that you have preset is maintained. If heavier braking is required, the driver has to actively intervene. Your vehicle will now follow the one in front at a reduced speed.

If the other vehicle decelerates further, adaptive cruise control will continue to reduce your speed – even down to a halt. When the road ahead is free once more, the car automatically returns to your selected cruising speed between 20 mph or more. To pull away after an automatic stop, simply use the control lever or depress the accelerator pedal.

If selected by the driver, the integrated Stop & Go function automatically applies the brakes and then drives off again in congested traffic.

For added safety, the system also features integrated Porsche Active Safe (PAS). The system visually and audibly alerts the driver in the event of a sudden decrease in distance and briefly tugs on the brakes. It can also intervene in the braking process and apply increased braking pressure through to all-out emergency braking, if required.

Optional for all Cayenne models.

* Available from 11/2012.