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Roof Cayenne S Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid - Roof


Electric slide/tilt moonroof

The electric slide/tilt moonroof is made from tinted single-pane safety glass and features a manually adjustable sunscreen and remote closing function. It is operated using a control located on the roof console. As with all electric windows, an anti-jam facility is included – for added safety.

Optional for all Cayenne models.

Panoramic roof system

With a total surface area of approximately 1.5 square feet, the panoramic roof system is almost four times as large as the optional slide/tilt sunroof. It consists of two glass segments. Even when closed, it provides a unique ‘open-top’ driving experience. The panoramic view can be enjoyed from all seat positions in every type of weather. The forward segment can be opened or tilted upwards. An additional sunscreen protects the interior against direct sunlight.

Optional for all Cayenne models.