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Lighting concept Cayenne S

Porsche - Lighting concept

Lighting concept

It’s always a pleasure taking corners in a Porsche. Especially when they’re now so visible at night. The striking lighting arrangement is also instantly recognisable.

Automatic headlight activation

The headlights are automatically switched on when darkness sets in or when driving through a tunnel in the daytime. Other features include an automatic switch-off and ‘Welcome Home’ function – when you arrive at a destination after dark, the headlights remain illuminated for a user-defined period, lighting your path from the car.

Standard on all Cayenne models.

Halogen main headlights

The projector-beam halogen main headlights feature automatic static range control and reflection high-beam lights – for optimum illumination of the road.

Standard on the Cayenne, Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne S and Cayenne S Hybrid.

Bi-Xenon(TM) Headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)

The Bi-Xenon main headlights – which also have a black surround on the new Cayenne GTS – feature halogen auxiliary headlights, integrated headlight cleaning and automatic dynamic range control. This provides more uniform illumination of the road in both low and high-beam mode.

The dynamic cornering light function swivels the main headlights towards the inside of a corner based on the current steering angle and road speed. The static cornering lights activate the auxiliary headlights in order to illuminate more of the road in tight bends and turns.

PDLS also features speed-sensitive headlight control and an adverse weather function, which is activated in conjunction with the rear foglight – for even greater safety, not just at night and during cornering.

Standard on the Cayenne GTS and Cayenne Turbo. Optional for all other Cayenne models.

Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus)*

PDLS Plus offers two additional functions: High Beam Assistant recognizes oncoming vehicles and automatically switches the headlights from high beam to low beam.

As you approach a crossing, Intersection Assistant activates the left and right indicators, making the beam of light broader and shorter. This improves illumination of the area directly surrounding the vehicle, making the driver more aware of what’s going on around him.

Optional for all Cayenne models.

Daytime running lights

Fitted as standard on all Cayenne models: LED daytime running lights.

On the Cayenne, Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne S and Cayenne S Hybrid, these are arranged horizontally in the front light units, whereas on the new Cayenne GTS and the Cayenne Turbo each main headlight unit has four LED spotlights. Daytime running lights improve safety in the daytime as they make you more visible to other road users.


LED technology is used for all functions on the rear light modules. For an ultra-fast response and greater luminance. In short: for greater safety.

* Available from 11/2012.