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Recycling Cayenne S

Porsche Cayenne S - Recycling



With lengthy service intervals and long-life components, vehicle maintenance is kept to a minimum. In the case of the oil filter, for example, all that’s replaced is an easily recoverable paper element. The oil filter casing remains on the car.

All moving parts inside the engine are fully self-adjusting. The valve clearances, for instance, feature automatic hydraulic control.

Thanks to single-spark coils on each of the cylinders, the entire ignition system on the petrol-engined models, with the exception of the spark plugs, is maintenance-free.

These modest service requirements mean less waste disposal and fewer demands on natural resources. They also lower the cost of ownership while keeping your car on the road.

Service intervals for the Cayenne models are dependent on a range of factors, including local fuel quality. For full details of service intervals in your country, please consult the relevant price list or contact your Porsche Centre.

Materials and recycling

Owning a Porsche should be a lasting pleasure with minimal impact on the environment. This Porsche principle can be summed up in one word: sustainability. The lightweight exhaust on the Cayenne models, for example, is constructed from long-life stainless steel.

Every Porsche model is entirely free of CFCs and components manufactured using CFCs. All legal requirements in respect of recoverability are fulfilled. Materials are clearly labelled for subsequent identification and sorting to facilitate efficient recycling.

While more than 95% of the car can be recycled using current technologies, the chances are your Cayenne may never need recycling at all. After all, two thirds of all the cars we have ever made are still on the road today.