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Porsche Communication Management (PCM) Cayenne Turbo

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

PCM is the central control system for all information and communication functions. It is powerful and versatile, yet easy to use.

Key features include a 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen display. As before, you can also operate PCM using the rotary push-button control. The menu layout is extremely clear, with no more than five entries per page enabling fast and accurate operation. A help function is displayed at the bottom of the screen for further guidance in specific situations.

Radio functions comprise 42 presets, an FM twin-tuner with RDS frequency diversity, which continuously searches the airwaves for the best possible signal from the selected radio station, and dynamic autostore.

The CD/DVD drive plays CDs and audio DVDs and is MP3-compatible. Audio playback of video DVDs is also supported. An optional integrated six-disc CD/DVD changer is available for PCM. The standard universal audio interface can be used to store and play up to 10,000 MP3 music files on the internal PCM hard drive.*

A navigation module with high-speed hard drive is included with PCM. The map display offers a conventional 2D layout as well as a perspective view. In some regions, even topography with superimposed satellite map and buildings can be displayed in 3D. In split-screen mode, you can view the current map section together with a list of icons for the next manoeuvre. The route is calculated based on official traffic reports (TMC) and data. The system also indicates the respective speed limit for the roads covered in the database via PCM or the TFT display in the instrument cluster.

In conjunction with the optional online services, online destinations can also be easily imported into the navigation system.*

Standard on the Cayenne Turbo. Optional for all other Cayenne models.

* Available from 11/2012.

** TMC Pro is supported in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Optional for all Cayenne models.

* Suitable for receiving analogue and digital TV signals (DVB-T in MPEG-2 standard) – where available.

Telephone module

This optional quad-band GSM telephone module combines ease of use with optimized sound quality. Simply insert your mobile phone SIM card in the slot in PCM to make calls via the hands-free facility or optional Bluetooth® handset. For even greater convenience, you can use a - compatible handset. Once connected, the GSM antenna on the mobile phone is disabled to prolong battery life and the external vehicle antenna is utilised instead. Depending on the phone model, you can access contact details on the mobile phone SIM card and internal memory and perform all operations via PCM, voice control or the multifunction steering wheel, which means your phone can remain in your pocket.

In addition, the telephone module enables you to establish a Bluetooth® connection to a mobile phone that only supports the Hands-Free Profile (HFP). In this case, the GSM connection to the mobile phone network is via the handset antenna. PCM acts as a hands-free system.

A cordless handset with keypad and display is also available as an option. This is stowed in the centre console. However, the handset cannot be used to establish a Bluetooth® connection using the Hands-Free Profile (HFP).

Optional for all Cayenne models.

Electronic logbook

This optional addition to PCM enables you to automatically record on every journey the mileage, route distance, date and time as well as starting location and destination. Data can be downloaded from PCM via Bluetooth® or a USB port and processed on a PC using software included with the package.

Optional for all Cayenne models.

HD Radio

For the first time, an HD Radio® receiver is now available as an option. HD Radio technology provides access to all of your favorite FM stations plus a broad range of new digital programming.  HD Radio also includes advance audio and data features that enhance your listening experience.

Optional for all Cayenne models.

* Available from 11/2012.

** Reception subject to local digital network coverage.