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Cooling systems and lubrication Cayenne Turbo

Porsche Cayenne Turbo - Cooling systems and lubrication

Cooling systems and lubrication

Cooling systems

A high-performance engine can only maintain its maximum capability over a long service life if all components are operating consistently within a specific temperature range. The engines in the Cayenne models are therefore designed for efficient cooling.

In order to reduce the frictional losses that occur during warm-up, all Cayenne models feature comprehensive thermal management. Using intelligent control, it activates the different cooling circuits individually and on demand, thereby ensuring that the optimum operating temperature for the engine and transmission is reached more quickly. This minimizes friction – and keeps fuel consumption and CO2 emissions low.

The V8 engines have an enhanced coolant management system offering effective temperature control throughout the engine. While 20 percent of coolant flows longitudinally through the crankcase, the remaining 80 percent serves the cylinder heads using the proven cross-flow principle (from hot to cold).

On all Cayenne models, the piston heads are cooled using oil-spray jets integrated within the main lubrication system.

The entire cooling system is designed for prolonged heavy-duty use, e.g. off-road driving or heavy towing and carrying applications.


The V8 engines use dry-sump lubrication to ensure a consistent supply of oil in all load conditions, especially in off-road terrain. The oil reservoir is located inside the engine. This saves on space and reduces weight.

Oil is circulated around the V8 engines using a demand-driven pump. This has been designed for the toughest driving scenarios on and off road, including performance driving and extreme gradients.

The V6 engines have a wet-sump lubrication system. Ensuring a reliable supply of oil, whatever the driving conditions.