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Lightweight construction Cayenne Turbo

Porsche Cayenne Turbo - Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction

The concept behind every car we build is based around the pursuit of performance. This has been the case since 1948. Another of our traditional core values is efficiency. At Porsche, we are continually striving to find a successful balance between the two.

This is achieved using advanced engine concepts featuring technologies such as DFI, VarioCam Plus, the Auto Start Stop function, the Parallel Full Hybrid drive and consistent lightweight construction.

Weight reduction is a key aspect of our design philosophy derived from our rich racing heritage. Part of our R&D Centre, the Motorsport Department is located in Weissach where it shares premises with the Automotive Industry Exhaust Emission Centre (ADA). Just a coincidence? We call it symbiosis.

In practice: the Cayenne is up to 400 pounds lighter, depending on the model.* We have achieved this through the use of new, innovative weight-saving materials, the development of new production technologies and functionalities, and a series of concept modifications. This has enabled us to halve the weight of the tailgate, for example. Innovative materials are also a feature of the axle construction, with steel being replaced where possible by lightweight alternatives such as aluminum and plastic.

The benefits for the driver: greater agility and driving dynamics – with lower fuel consumption. Efficiency at its best.

* Compared to previous model.