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Boxer engines Cayman S

Porsche - Boxer engines

Boxer engines

Inner strength, the will to advance and a clear positioning. These are important prerequisites for the creation of any sports car, and we also found them to be precisely the right requirements for this drivetrain.

This is why the Cayman models are equipped with a compact, mid-mounted boxer engine positioned no further than 30 cm behind the driver. This unorthodox approach has crucial strengths. A substantial amount of vehicle weight is concentrated close to the middle of the vehicle. The centre of gravity is low and central and the weight is distributed uniformly between the front and rear axles. The tangible effect for you is wellbalanced handling and excellent mobility, particularly in corners.

Inner values are defined by high power plus comparatively low fuel consumption and emission figures. A philosophy that applies the engineering principles of the racetrack to the road.

The engines are equipped, as standard, with VarioCam Plus and direct fuel injection (DFI), as well as efficiency-enhancing technologies such as auto start/stop, electrical system recuperation and advanced thermal management.

So what can you expect from the driving experience? Direct responses to every burst of acceleration, dynamic handling in every corner and the inevitable pain of separation at the end of every drive.