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Assistance systems Macan S

Porsche Macan S - Assistance systems

Assistance systems

Lane Change Assist

Lane Change Assist monitors the areas to the rear of the vehicle and the blind spots on either side. Between 19 and 155 mph, the system issues a visual warning signal in the exterior mirrors whenever a vehicle rapidly approaches your vehicle from behind or enters one of your blind spots. In this way, Lane Change Assist improves comfort and safety, particularly on motorways. However, the system does not actively intervene to control the vehicle and can be deactivated at any time.

Optional for all Macan models.

Lane Assist

Lane Assist uses a camera installed in the front end to detect divider line markings on the road. If the car threatens to cross one of the lines, the system steers the vehicle back into the center of the lane. This correction is accompanied by a soft steering pulse. Of course, you are able to override the system at any time.

The function may be deactivated in specific conditions, e.g. bad weather.

Optional for all Macan models.


ParkAssist warns you of obstacles detected to the front and rear of the vehicle. Its sensors are integrated harmoniously in the front and rear end. The audible alert is supplemented by a bird's eye graphical representation of the vehicle on the central display screen showing the proximity to these obstacles.

Optional for all Macan models.

Reversing camera

The reversing camera facilitates precise reverse parking and manoeuvring and also assists in hitching a trailer. Help is provided in the form of the camera image and the dynamic, superimposed guidelines on the PCM screen, which illustrate the predicted course of the vehicle given the current position of the steering wheel.

Optional for all Macan models.

Surround View*

With Surround View, four cameras located in the front end, exterior mirrors and rear generate an all-round image of the car and its immediate surroundings. In PCM, the driver can choose between a bird's eye view, side view and corner view.

Optional for all Macan models.

* Available from 02/2015 at the earliest.