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Telephone module and mobile phone preparation Panamera Turbo

Porsche Panamera Turbo - Telephone module and mobile phone preparation

Telephone module and mobile phone preparation

Telephone module

The quadband GSM telephone module is available as an option for PCM and offers convenience and excellent reception. With a SIM card inserted directly into PCM’s integral SIM card reader, calls can be made using either the hands-free facility or the cordless handset. Alternatively, the Bluetooth® capability of a mobile phone can be used to make calls through the SIM Access Profile (SAP). Once automatic pairing is complete, the mobile phone’s aerial is switched off to conserve battery charge and the phone operates via the car aerial.

Depending on the type of mobile phone, this gives access not only to the numbers on the SIM card, but also to the phone’s internal memory. Also depending on the phone, it can be controlled using PCM, the multifunction steering wheel or the voice control system without it ever leaving your pocket. In addition, the telephone module enables you to establish a Bluetooth® link with those mobile phones that only support the Handsfree Profile (HFP). In this case, the GSM connection is always established through the aerial of the mobile phone.

PCM acts as a hands-free system and you can leave the mobile phone tucked away.

To make a private call, despite having other passengers in the vehicle, the telephone module includes a cordless Bluetooth® handset, with display and keyboard located in the centre console. However, the handset cannot be used for Bluetooth® links established using the Handsfree Profile (HFP).

Mobile phone preparation

A standard mobile phone preparation is available to enable a Bluetooth® connection for those mobile phones that only support the Handsfree Profile (HFP). This function also enables you to leave your mobile phone tucked away. The PCM can be used to control only the basic functions of the mobile phone and the GSM connection is established through the mobile phone’s antenna.